A video has emerged of a farmer in the UK who caught what appears to be two men dumping rubbish on his land.

From inspection of the video, it can be seen that the back of the van is filled with what appears to be waste materials.

A vehicle, in which the said farmer appears to be driving, then pulls up behind the van. At first, it seems as though the men beside the van are unconcerned about the second vehicle arriving at the scene.

However, one of the males is holding what appears to be a length of timber when the driver of the second vehicle approaches.

The driver then gets out and is involved in a scuffle with the other man as a third male at the scene stands idly by.

A teleporter then emerges from the darkness and drives straight into the side of the van, turning it up on its side.

It appears that both men standing at the van originally escaped the scene on foot.

While the men may have escaped, the van did not escape so lucky.

The video was published to Facebook by Martin Newman who, according to his profile, is from Pembrookshire in the UK.