This Australian dairy farmer is taking no prisoners as he gears up for the spring milking season, giving a rousing sports-like pep talk to his cows before they go to the parlour.

"We've done a lot of hard work over the last few months, setting up the season, spring is where it counts," Adam Jenkins, the dairy farmer, says in the video.

Calling out the cow 291 Jersey, he told her she has to milk really well tonight, no excuses, and that she has to be committed.

You can't go half way into the parlour and turn around.

Speaking to one of the Friesians, he called for "no argy bargy" and told her that there's no I in team that they were one team.

"Friesians versus Jerseys, we are a team, make sure we're all fired up here tonight.

"We've got a long season ahead of us in spring, I know you can do it, make sure you're fired up here tonight! Look I can't do it for you - I don't have an udder, otherwise I'd be in there doing it for you.

"I rely on you, you rely on each other, let's try and make for it."


Posted by NZ Farming on Saturday, October 8, 2016