To put a stop to the ever-growing levels of quad thefts, a Welsh farmer has created a clever security device to protect ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) – the Quad Vice.

Claimed to be so quick to use that it can be engaged in just over 10 seconds, the Quad Vice immobilises ATVs by clamping in on the back wheels of the vehicle in question, preventing it from being driven or towed away.

The farmer who created the Quad Vice, Gareth Davies of Penderyn in south Wales, now has the product built and marketed on a local level, according to the British publication, Farmer’s Guardian.

The contraption is essentially a sturdy platform onto which a quad can be driven. The idea is that the back wheels of the quad are driven onto rollers not unlike those of a cattle grid. These rollers then spin (with the back wheels) to tighten in the vice-like clamps, that secure the wheels in place.Quad Vice

The quad is then further locked down through two bolts, which are operated by a key. The ramps can then be raised and locked in place. The Quad Vice is suitable for any quad length, width or wheel type – through adjustable dimensions on the device.

According to Davies, the sheer weight of the device with a quad on board would make physical removal virtually impossible. When on the platform, an ATV can only go backwards as the grip of the clamps prevents any forward movement.

To unload an ATV that is secured, one must first unlock the four locks on the platform before unwinding the clamps – by driving the quad’s back wheels in reverse.

The reported cost of the Quad Vice is £1,500 plus VAT, though the manufacturer believes that if the platform was to be produced in large quantities, the cost could be reduced.

Though it is still very much early days yet – with Davies’ company Quad Vice Ltd only established in 2015 and several prototypes built in the meantime – should the product continue to grow, the Quad Vice could very well make its way to this side of the Irish Sea.