An Australian farmer driving her quad who was bringing her cows to the parlour for milking was recently chased by a koala who then clung onto the back of her quad.

Ebony Churchill hit the headlines in Australia recently when she uploaded the video of the koala chasing the quad on a farm in Victoria.

Speaking to, she said she was just bringing the cows up for a milking when the chase happened.

In the video you can hear Churchill sounding concerned about the koala following her and proceeds to stop the quad and get off it once it catches up to her.

"Far out, it’s coming! Get away! Get away!" she says as it catches up to her.

"Where the bloody hell is it?" she asks after getting off the quad.

"Oh my god, it’s on the freaking bike...Piss off!" she shouts.

The video then shows the koala holding onto the back tyre of the bike, at which point she told the news website that she left him on the bike and continued on foot.

"They’ve got really sharp claws. I was amazed he wanted that much attention. I didn’t expect him to keep chasing," she said.

The video has been viewed over 3m times.

Video: Ebony Churchill/