A video of a woman kicking and punching a horse in public is being shared across social media.

Anti-hunting group Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs originally shared the video on Twitter. The accompanying message read:

“Yesterday we filmed a Cottesmore Hunt rider kicking and punching her horse in the face. Watched by lackeys Will Ashmore and son Ed. Violence running through their veins.”

The woman in the video is believed - as mentioned above - to have been part of The Cottesmore Hunt; a foxhunt that takes place in Leicestershire.

Following the popularity of the video online, the Hertforshire Hunt Saboteurs released a statement on Facebook:

"We witnessed a disgusting act of animal abuse by one of the Cottesmore field riders. Unable to control their horse for a moment, they slapped and kicked the poor defenceless creature. If that is how they treat their horses while in full view on a public road just imagine the abuse they suffer out of sight.
Hunt ‘stewards’ Will and Edward Ashmore watched on from their quad with cold eyes, unmoved, uncaring and did absolutely nothing to stop her – only warning her we were filming when they realised.

The group also claimed that the hunters had birds with them as prey.

"The Cottesmore had their bird of prey with them – despite the bird flu outbreak," the statement added.
Watch the video below:

Response to the video

Outrage ensued on social media following the popularity of the video.

TV wildlife presenter was one of many who called for Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) officials to look into the video further.

“I call upon you to urgently investigate and definitively prosecute this appalling abuse,” he Tweeted.

His sentiment was seconded by another TV favourite, Peter Egan from Downton Abbey, amongst others.

Responding to the calls the RSPCA called the footage “really upsetting” and asked for anyone with information to come forward.

“We would urge anyone with first-hand information about this incident to contacts us on: 0300 123 4999,” the charity said.