Volac has warned that “unnecessary stockpiling” of its products by customers during the Covid-19 outbreak could put pressure on its supply chain.

Una Hickey, Volac Ireland’s national sales manager, said that, at present, the company has no shortage of any of its products.

She added that contingency plans are in place at Volac sites around Europe to protect the supply chain, including at its new facility in Co. Meath.

Volac has no shortage of any of its products, such as milk powder, silage film or Ecosyl silage additive – though unnecessary stockpiling by customers could put pressure on the supply chain during the coronavirus crisis.

“At our production sites across Europe, contingency plans have long been in place to protect the supply chain in the event of a crisis. Not least at the recently-opened Volac Ireland milk powder factory in Co Meath,” Hickey said.

“Our Irish supply chain from factory to farm is fully operational, products are in stock and arriving with merchants and farmers,” she added.

In a statement on the issue, Volac said that it’s management “takes its duty of care towards employees and customers extremely seriously in response to the COVID-19 outbreak”.

The company said it would “do everything possible to protect the supply chain”.

“Not only are plants operating under strict lockdown to minimise the risk to staff health, but where possible employees are working from home with a company ‘crisis management’ team in place 24/7,” the company added.