Dutch machinery manufacturer Vredo recently sent an eye-catching fleet of 14 self-propelled 'Trac' spreaders to customers.

The spreading bodies of the UK-bound Vredo machines are sourced from Tebbe.

The machines shipped over include a massive 687hp VT7028, which was bought by Farming General Services Agri - reportedly the first company in the UK to buy a Vredo self-propelled machine five years ago.

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The rest of the fleet on order comprises seven VT4556 spreaders for Anglian Water, a large water company based in the east of England, and six machines for O.J. Neil Contracting, a company operating for Thames Water - the London-based utility company responsible for the public water supply and waste water treatment in much of the greater London area.

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UK distributor, Lister Wilder, will provide after-sales support in England.

VT4556/Tebbe combo

The VT4556/Tebbe models purchased for the UK are the "solid spreader" versions of the 450hp machine, with open-top bodies on the back (in place of the closed tanks on the slurry-spreading incarnations of the VT4556).

The "solid spreader" has a capacity of 15m³ or 20t. The manufacturer said: "Thanks to the mechanical PTO drive, the spreader can - at a constant input speed - efficiently create a constant spreading pattern [with] low fuel consumption."

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'World's most powerful' slurry rig

The VT7028 - like the one currently en route to the UK - at 687hp is claimed to be one of the world’s largest and most powerful self-propelled machines of its type.

The latest VT7028-3 variant is powered by a Stage IV Deutz 16L V8 engine, which maxes out at 687hp at a low-revving 1,800rpm. Tank capacities of up to 32,000L can be specified.

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The pump has a capacity of 12,000L/min, so it takes almost three minutes to fill the big 32,000L tank. A chopper (or slicing filter) is fitted in front of the pump, to avoid messy and awkward blockages.

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The Dutch firm launched the latest VT7028 at the ATH (Agro Techniek Holland) farm machinery show in the Netherlands last year. Prices reportedly start from about €600,000.

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