A farmer in the UK used a tanker of slurry to let protesters know how he felt about them trespassing on his farm.

The protesters, including Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson, were with a film crew as they made a stance against the field being used as a fracking site.

The farm at Fylde, Lancashire, has been earmarked for gas exploration and protestors set up in the field to protest with a parody version of Great British Bake Off - the Frack Free Bake Off to highlight their case.

However, things went awry when the farmer, who has leased the land to the fracking company, turned up driving his tractor and a slurry tanker which he then drove around the protest with slurry spreader in action!

Always get permission from the farmer before using his land
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Posted by Tractors & Farm Machinery on Thursday, April 28, 2016

Police were called to to the protest, as protesters are banned from the site, and spoke to the them but it was the farmer circling the protesters that created the most reaction.

Emma Thompson, who works with Greenpeace, said that she was protesting over the fracking company's plans for fracking at the site. She said it was an attempt to "show the government that we will not allow fracking to scar our countryside and fuel yet more climate change".