“We can help our neighbours, show them that they are not alone, that there is hope for a better tomorrow.”

These are the words of Michal Stachlewski, a machinery dealer whose brands include Case and Joskin in Niedrzwica, Poland.

His dealership lies just 80km from the Polish-Ukraine border.

As Russian and Ukraine troops continue to battle, the war has had a drastic impact on the lives of those closest to the fighting.

At least 12 million refugees have fled Ukraine since the start of the war, however, countries bordering Ukraine have also felt the effect of the conflict.

The Ukraininan border is around 80km from his premises and that the war has had a huge effect on machinery sales.

He said:

“This situation has a huge impact on the farmers’ attitude regarding investments," said Stachlewski.

"Do they have to buy or do they have to save money and get ready for the worst?

“We cannot tell ourselves this is not my business, it is not my problem.”

The global increase in inflation has also had an impact on machinery sales, but Stachlewski believes that the war is a bigger threat than any price changes.

“The current war situation is a bigger threat than the price increases that could come and go depending on the market needs," he said.

“It is better to have higher prices and higher salaries than having a war that will destroy everything.”

Stachlewski said that Joskin is very strict with its after-sales service and it has resulted in dealers only being able to sell parts and machines within their borders.

He added that a large number of his customers have hired Ukrainian refugees to work on farms and in other agri-businesses around Poland.

“Each of our employees has probably contributed to the support of people entering the country and we are also ready to help.

“The actions of the government are the best example. In wartime, action is needed," he said.