Webinar to share tips on making health and safety work for the farm

British dairy farmers are being encouraged to tune into a practical 30-minute health and safety webinar after data reveals their chances of being involved in an accident on the farm is far higher than workers in construction.

Health and safety expert Cari Beard, from the Farm Consultancy Group, will highlight during a webinar this week (May 28), the health and safety laws and how to practically implement them.

Ms Beard said: “There are seven times more people working in the construction industry, yet you are seven times more likely to die on a farm from an accident.

As dairy farmers enter a busy period with extra machinery operating during silage season and with added pressures due to possible staff shortages and worries around coronavirus, it is important farmers take the time out to assess health and safety on their farm.

“All businesses should by law have a health and safety policy. Using that policy and making it practical is important,” Beard added.

“If you have a contractor coming onto your farm, you have to give them a health and safety induction. That does not mean standing them there and telling them what to do.

“You can share health and safety information when you send them the field maps that need silaging across, for example. It’s really important to keep it practical,” she said.

Webinar series

The webinar will take place on Thursday (May 26) at 11:00am on the RABDF website.

On June 4 at 11:00am, the RABDF is also running a webinar on maintaining productivity from pasture through the summer with grazing expert, Piers Badnell.

RABDF is the sole UK charity focussed on the unique needs of milk producers. They are the only dairy organisation holding a Royal Warrant, with the influence and access to funding that brings.