New Holland is set to hold a "Youniverse" digital fair, a 10-day online event where farmers and prospective customers can "meet" with some of the company's specialists, and explore the "New Holland world" next month.

Announcing this virtual fair, the agricultural machinery giant said "visitors" can check out its products and latest innovations through a series of virtual landscapes.

Talking it up in advance, the manufacturer says the fair will be "much more than a live streaming event or showroom", claiming it will "offer an immersive, infotainment experience".

The firm says visitors will be able to see a selection of products in an "immersive farm setting", accessing a wide range of multimedia content, 3D simulations and full details on the machines.

Other products will be on display in a dedicated show area of the brand’s Youniverse virtual world, with access to complete information.


The "immersive farm environment" will showcase more than 20 machines, and New Holland’s latest introductions.

These will include: the Big Baler 1290 in its Packer model; the CH7.70 Crossover Harvesting combine; the T6160 Dynamic Command tractor; the brand-new W170D wheel loaders, and the new implement ranges.

Also in this area will be the record-holder CR10.90 Revelation combine and the T7.315 Heavy-Duty tractor, as well as the T6.180 Methane Power tractor, which will enter the New Holland range later in the year.


Commenting ahead of the event, Sean Lennon, New Holland vice president Europe, stated:

“Coming up with new ways to communicate with our audience is essential, especially at a time when the user experience has become increasingly important, and opportunities to meet with our customers have been severely curtailed by lockdowns, travel restrictions and the cancellation of agricultural trade fairs.

The Youniverse event is an exciting new way of connecting with our customers, inviting them to join us in this virtual New Holland world, where they can interact with our products and “meet” with our New Holland experts.

On April 12, at 7:00pm (CET) New Holland will broadcast a live event on the dedicated, online Youniverse TV Channel.

It will be hosted by Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President, and British television presenter Nicki Shields. They will introduce the fair, cover the brand’s latest news, and highlight new products.

The event will run from April 9, to April 18, with free registration available.