An appeal for information has been launched by police in Surrey after a burglary on a farm in Farnham has seen the theft of farm vehicles and tools worth thousands of pounds.

The theft occurred between 10:00pm on December 31 and 1:00am on January 1.

The list of items stolen from the farm is as follows: a green Honda 420 quad bike; a green Kawasaki quad bike; a Kawasaki scramble bike; two chainsaws; one strimmer; and one toolbox.

In a statement, Surrey Police said:

"We are appealing for witnesses after a farm in Farnham was broken into and thousands of pounds worth of tools and vehicles taken.

"Have you seen any of these vehicles or tools for sale recently? Were you driving through Farnham overnight, particularly in the Folly Hill area?

"If you saw or heard anything, or have any CCTV or dashcam footage that might assist with our investigation, please contact us quoting PR/45200136989."

30 sheep killed in dog attack

In another farm incident, a farm in Cheshire has had 30 sheep killed in what was described as an ‘atrocious’ dog attack by Cheshire Police.

The attack is believed to have happened between the evening of December 24 and the morning of December 25.

A statement that is posted on the Cheshire Police and Rural Crime Facebook page read:

“PC Marson and I have been out to the death of around 30, yes thirty poor ovine livestock [sheep] following yet another abhorrent sheep-worrying incident.

Only limited actual bloody attack wounds are present indicating a dog [or dogs] have chased and worried the majority of the sheep to stressed and panicked exhaustion.

30 animals were killed in the attack, representing a loss of thousands of pounds to the farmer.

Image source: Cheshire Police

"The attack is not only an animal cruelty criminal offence but is a huge loss to the farmer,” the statement continued.

"This attack with the limited injuries is a case in point to illustrate that dogs need not be ferocious or actually necessarily physically attack livestock to cause catastrophic results.”