The World Ploughing Contest 2022, which was set to be held in Russia in August, has been cancelled after that country's military invasion of Ukraine.

The decision was made at a meeting of the World Ploughing Organisation (WPO) last night (Thursday, March 3). The event was due to be held near the city of St. Petersburg on August 13 and 14, 2022.

On a post on social media, the WPO argued that the Russian invasion of Ukraine - which began on February 24 - is a "clear violation and breach of international law".

"The World Ploughing Organisation strongly condemns Russia and its leadership for this atrocious conduct.

"The World Ploughing Organisation's slogan is 'Pax Arva Collat' - 'Let Peace Cultivate the Soil'. Russia's conduct towards Ukraine is in direct contradiction to the WPO's slogan," the organisation said.

The social media post continued: "The World Ploughing Organisation must not allow itself to be associated with the current Russian leadership.

"Therefore, the governing board has decided to cancel the forthcoming 67th World Ploughing Contest in St. Petersburg, Russia," it concluded.

The following World Ploughing Contest in 2023 is due to be held in Ireland.

World Ploughing

Fostering and preserving the art and skill of ploughing the land, the World Ploughing Organisation (WPO) organises the World Ploughing contest annually with a different host country.

The first international provisional governing board was set up at Workington, Cumberland, England, on February 5, 1952.

The governing board was established at two international meetings held in November, 1952, at Stirling and Bridge of Allan in Scotland.