The hot summer, and England’s impressive showing at the World Cup, are being cited as causes for a large increase in the amount of people barbecuing this year.

Burgers and bangers were the big winners though, together featuring in 40% of all barbecues in 2018; burgers saw sales increase 14.4%, while sales for the sausages rose by 5.1%, for the purpose of barbecuing.

These are the findings of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) which is conducting research into consumer trends over the year.

It found that, all-in-all, 35% more barbecues took place this year than last, thanks to the weather and the performance of Harry Kane and co.

Generally, consumers splashed out more for barbies than they otherwise would have done, with spending for the occasions rising 7% in 2018, and all supermarket chains getting a piece of the pie. 

Aldi, in particular, performed well, seeing an increase of 14% in barbecue food sales.

Ironically, the good performance of red meats for special occasions is not, itself, a cause for celebration.

Barbecues make up only 0.4% of all meals, and in general, sales of beef, lamb and pork were down last year, according to consumer insights company Kantar Worldpanel.

“When it comes to innovation, it is important to focus beyond barbecue occasions as it makes up only a small percentage of total meal occasions,” said Amy Smallwood, the AHDB analyst who authored the report.

“British barbecue weather is far from guaranteed.”

But, according to Smallwood, there’s a silver lining to these statistics.

She added: “There are a number of things that we can learn from this year’s barbecue season sales in terms of tapping into trends of quicker preparation times, easier preparation methods and lighter eating.”