Back in February, AgriLand brought you news - detailing the latest-generation Case IH Magnum tractor range to be launched in the US.

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The new Magnum AFS Connect line-up, as it's called, has now been launched here in Europe. Most notably, the range now tops out at 435hp (thanks to the arrival of a new Magnum 400 model).

According to Case IH, this is the seventh generation of the Magnum series, since the first models were introduced just over three decades ago. 150,000 units have apparently gone to work around the world in the interim.

The latest tractors are claimed to make a significant leap forward when it comes to data monitoring and management, as well as in-cab comfort.

For example, wireless connectivity allows for "instant communication and two-way data transfer between the machine and its manager".

Readers might also notice several cab-related changes. There's a new full-length door, cab interior, instrumentation and Multicontroller armrest.

Elsewhere, there's a new (automated) brake-assisted steering system, as well as technology borrowed from Case IH's Autonomous Concept Vehicle (including "advanced" lighting and cameras).

The new line-up (for the European market) comprises the following models – Magnum 280, Magnum 310, Magnum 340, Magnum 380 and Magnum 400 – with respective maximum power outputs of 351hp, 382hp, 409hp and 435hp.

The Magnum 400 is available with the (21F 5R) PowerDrive transmission only, offering 40/50kph at reduced engine speed.

All models are home to six-cylinder, 8.7L FPT Industrial Cursor 9 engines, which are turbocharged and intercooled.

The Magnum 340, 380 and 400 can also be configured in (rear-tracked) 'Rowtrac' guise.