The 2021 Black and White dairy sale took place on Saturday, December 3, at Borderway Mart in Carlisle.

There was a total of 101 lots from 50 sellers from the UK, US, Canada and Ireland. The majority of sellers however, came from the UK.

Leagh Holstein

Tim and Lauren Fitzmaurice from the Leagh Holstein herd based in Cloghan, Ballyduff, Tralee, Co. Kerry, in the Republic of Ireland were present at the sale.

Leagh Holstein had three lots on offer at the sale; two heifer calves and a first choice of a heifer calf due in December 2021.

Lauren receiving silver buckle marketing award

After the sale, Agriland spoke with Lauren, who said: "We have been going over to the Black and White sale for over ten years.

"We have our own sale each year, but we always keep a few calves to sell in other sales and the UK. Going to these sales increases the number of possible buyers for our stock and it is always good to get exposure in the UK."

This year the Black and White sale saw the presentation of a silver buckle marketing award, which Lauren won, for the marketing campaign of lot 50 Leagh Denver Wears Prada ET.

"The marketing of pedigree animals has moved online, I run a Facebook and Instagram page for the herd," said Lauren.

"I am doing it part-time because I work full-time but the more of a presence you have online, the more interest you can generate from your progeny.

"Marketing on social media has definitely become a big part of our farm."

Leagh Doorman Katrysha

The first offering from Leagh Holstein was lot 21, a first choice heifer from four female pregnancies due in December 2021 by Stantons Chief from Leagh Doorman Katrysha; this lot sold for 5,200gns.

Leagh Doorman Katrysha was sold for €10,800 at Sunrise Sale 2020, she is a maternal sister to MS Milksource RL Krystal EX95. MS Milksource RL Krystal was Grand Champion Wisconsin Summer Show 2020.

Leagh Doorman Katrysha dam of first the choice calves

Leagh Denver Wears Prada ET

The second offering from Leagh Holstein was lot 50 Leagh Denver Wears Prada ET, born on February 2, 2021 and sold for 3,000gns.

Sired by Brenland Denver, her dam is Leagh Solomon Pippa EX90 - Leagh Denver Wears Prada ET is a potential 7th generation EX.

Leagh Denver Wears Prada ET is the maternal sister to Leagh Kingdoc Pledge VG86-2E, she sold for 4,200gns at the Black and White sale in 2019.

Leagh Kingdoc Pledge VG86-2E was Junior Champion Calf Limerick County Show 2019.

Leagh Doorman Jellybean ET

The third and final offering from Leagh Holstein was lot 63 Leagh Doorman Jellybean ET, born September 9, 2021 and sold for 8,500gns.

Sired by Val-Bisson Doorman, her dam is Knonaudale Jasmine EX96 4E - Leagh Doorman Jellybean ET is a potential third generation EX.

Leagh Doorman Jellybean ET is a full sister to Jones Awesome Jelly who sold for 13,500gns at the Knowlesmere sale in 2020, she is also a full sister to Kingsway Doorman Jackpot who sold for $17,000 at the Kingsway Tag Sale in 2021.

She is a maternal sister to Kingsway Windbrook Jazz EX95-2E, the Grand Champion Northumberland Show 2018 and Knonaudale Mudpie EX94-2E (Nominated All-American Aged Cow 2018) along with Knonaudale Muddy EX94-3E (Grand Champion Stormont County Show 2017 and 2018).

Black and White sale

The trade on the day topped at 20,000gns for Auchensale Hips Don't Lie ET, born on May 2, 2021; she is a potential 9th generation EX.

Sired by Walnutlawn Sidekick, her dam Miss Apple Snapple ET is a EX96 cow and was Grand Champion North American Open 2020 and All-American Red and White four-year-old 2017.

Along with eight other awards back as far as 2015 when she won Junior two-year-old Red and White World Dairy Expo 2015.

She is a full sister to Auchensala Snapchat who was first at Aprils National Calf Show 2021.

She is maternal sister to Enbacres Snapple Shakira EX97-2E, who was Supreme Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2021 and Canadian National Champion.

She is also maternal sister to Holben Snapples Storm, who sold for 9,500gns at the 2020 Black and White sale.