Adjournment extended for vet accused of working under the influence

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Disciplinary Committee has decided to further postpone its sanction decision for a Dyfed-based vet for 12 months.

Lynn Jo Ann Davies first appeared before the RCVS committee on January 22 and 23, 2018, in respect of a number of separate charges related to two drink-driving offences and being under the influence of alcohol on three occasions while she was on duty as a veterinary surgeon in December 2016.

Dr. Davies admitted all five charges against her and admitted that this meant she was unfit to practise veterinary surgery and that she was guilty of disgraceful conduct in a professional respect.

The committee accepted her admissions and found, with the exception of one allegation, that her conduct was disgraceful in a professional respect.

RCVS committee decision

At its first hearing, the committee considered both aggravating and mitigating circumstances and decided to postpone the hearing for six months.

The decision was made on the basis of Dr. Davies entering into a new set of undertakings, including one not to practise veterinary surgery and to remain abstinent from alcohol during the period of postponement.

On Monday, July 30, 2018, the Disciplinary Committee resumed its sanction inquiry decision. Speaking on her behalf, Dr. Davies’ counsel said she wished to return to practise.

The committee reviewed her witness statements, documentary proof and medical records that she provided to demonstrate she had complied with the undertakings given at the last hearing.

Chairing the committee and speaking on its behalf, Stuart Drummond said: “Having had the opportunity to see and hear from the respondent when she gave evidence and when she answered the questions put to her, the view formed of her current state of health was favourable.

All members of the committee considered that the account she gave of herself in the witness box was confident and they were reassured by her evidence as to how she now sets about managing her levels of stress and how she reacted to stressful incidents.

The RCVS committee directed that the hearing is postponed for a further 12 months.