The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has today (Monday, December 11) announced a January launch for its new ‘Let’s Eat Balanced’ campaign, showcasing British beef, lamb and dairy.

The campaign will feature three new television adverts on beef, lamb and dairy from January 1, 2024.

The theme for the January campaign is ‘THIS and THAT’, aiming to encourage consumers to adopt a “sustainable, healthy and nutritiously balanced diet”.

AHDB said the campaign adverts will highlight that British beef, lamb and dairy are “natural sources of protein and vitamin B12 which helps reduce tiredness”.

“The messaging will showcase how THIS rain and grass produces THAT delicious beef, lamb, milk and cheese, which provides THIS vitamin B12 which helps with THAT fatigue.”

British actor and comedian Richard Ayoade will lend his voice to the adverts, which will also be seen in cinemas.

“Consumers will see the three new 30 and 10-second TV adverts, each highlighting British beef, lamb, and dairy on mainstream TV channels, including Sky, ITV, and Channel 4, as well as on video-on-demand platforms,” AHDB said.

“Additionally, they will appear in national newspapers and magazines, in-store and online at eight major retailers, and across various social media channels.”

British produce

AHDB head of domestic marketing, Carrie McDermid, said the Let’s Eat Balanced campaign signifies the board’s commitment to inform consumers of the role of British beef, lamb and dairy as part of a “healthy, balanced diet”.

“Our partnership with Tasty UK to create ‘Balanced Bites’ videos will encourage the younger (18-25 years) audience to create healthy, balanced dishes using British red meat and dairy. 

“Tasty UK attract over 18 million Gen Z users each month to their social Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat channels, with 98% of their weekly users saying they make cooking and food easier. 

“Let’s Eat Balanced aims to capture consumers at every touchpoint, with its vibrant colours and streamlined design catering to a broad demographic, especially appealing to the younger Gen Z audience.”  

AHDB beef and lamb sector council chair, Colin Bateman, said:

“The Let’s Eat Balanced campaign does not just deliver vital information to consumers about maintaining a nutritious and tasty diet; it also highlights the efforts of farmers dedicated to welfare and sustainable food production.” 

The Let’s Eat Balanced campaign will build on the previous ‘We Eat Balanced’ campaign and “champion British beef, lamb, and dairy”, AHDB said.

“The change in brand name follows extensive consumer research that revealed Let’s Eat Balanced to be a more direct call to action, resonating better with consumers.”