AHDB encourages Britain to ‘Fire Up For Summer’

A new campaign for the summer is set to launch this May, with Brits encouraged to elevate the standard of their barbecues by swapping out the sausages and burgers and cooking with steaks throughout the summer months.

The ‘Fire up for Summer’ campaign will inspire consumers to use premium cuts, showcasing the ease and versatility of cooking beef, lamb and pork steaks on the barbecue.

Specially created guides and videos will encourage consumers to add new flavours and recipes to this much-loved meal occasion.

2020 saw the biggest annual rise in barbecue occasions year-on-year, with 44% extra consumers making use of the summer months in their gardens. This amounted to 100 million barbecue meals throughout last year.

Gareth Renowden, senior marketing manager at the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB), said:

“We know barbecues continue to be a popular meal occasion during the warmer summer months. Despite this, steaks only appear on one in 10 barbecue grills.

“The question we want to pose as summer draws nearer is, why not use them more often?

Steaks are readily available in all major retailers, and with the availability of thin cut or sizzler steaks as quick and cost-effective options, there’s no reason not to elevate your experience for friends and family with a supercharged barbecue.

“We’re even providing tips on how to make rubs, and marinades, to take your steaks to the next level.”

A range of different advice

The messages within the campaign will be aligned to each person’s specific level of cooking experience, with tips on how to get the best out of different types of barbecues and cuts of meat readily available.

Through this medium its hoped that barbecue lovers across the country are reminded that no matter their level of expertise, anybody can put together a tasty and stress-free barbecue occasion.

Chef Luke Rhodes, Pitmaster and Masterchef The Professionals Final Eight contestant, is one of the nationally recognised foodservice experts who is putting his weight behind the campaign.

He said:

“Given the last 15 months that we have experienced, a barbecue will be the perfect way to get friends and family together this summer.

Whether it be grilling steaks for al fresco dining or using larger cuts of meat such as brisket or shoulder for a low and slow centrepiece, it’s a great way to get your family and friends in one place and sample quality produce.

“From a Pitmaster’s point of view, there is nothing more satisfying than a perfectly cooked piece of quality barbecued food,” he concluded.