All new Valtra tractors to get first start-up on ‘100% renewable fuel’

Valtra says that its Suolahti factory has become the first tractor plant in the world to begin using ‘Neste MY Renewable Diesel‘ as the start-up fuel for all new tractors.

As a result, it claims, around 700,000L of ‘conventional’ diesel fuel will be replaced each year by 100% renewable fuel.

When the tractors roll off the assembly line, the first helping of fuel is added to their tanks. As of this month, all new Valtra tractors will be ‘tanked’ with Neste MY Renewable Diesel; so too will the forklift trucks that operate in the factory.

Nowadays, nine out of 10 new tractors manufactured at the Valtra factory in Finland (pictured above and below) are exported to over 75 countries around the world.

Neste MY is apparently produced from 100% renewable waste and residues so, in turn, it produces up to 90% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional diesel fuel.

The reduction in emissions achieved by using renewable diesel is claimed to correspond to the removal of almost 560 cars from roads for a year or approximately 46,000 tractor hours without emissions annually.

Cold-start ability

Valtra says that the quality of the new renewable diesel is excellent, and its cold-start properties are supposedly sufficient for even Arctic conditions. Renewable diesel can be used in tractors and forklift trucks without any additives and without having to make any changes to today’s engines.

Thanks to Neste MY, the manufacturer says that each new Valtra tractor will be delivered to customers with a 100% renewable fuel “of the future” – whose raw materials could come from farmers like themselves.

Mika Hyotylainen, vice president of marketing, Neste, explained: “Neste MY can be used confidently all around the world and throughout the year, as it can withstand temperatures down to -34°. Its storage properties in the tank are also excellent.”

Neste MY renewable diesel is classified as ‘Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil‘ (HVO) and should not be confused with traditional bio-diesel (FAME).

Neste MY renewable diesel can apparently be used in any blending ratio or, as such, in any diesel engine.