When it comes to spreading granular fertiliser the spinning disc type applicator would seem to hold a near monopoly of the operation.

Chafer Machinery, however, reminds us that it is not the only game in town and sells an alternative through its subsidiary, Horstine of Gainsborough, in Lincolnshire (UK).

The Horstine-boomed Cascade pneumatic fertiliser applicator, it claims, offers a significant increase in application accuracy over a spinning disc. It does this by utilising 24 individual distribution outlets, each fed by its own metering rotor.

24m spreading width

The Cascade is a mounted fertiliser spreader available with boom widths of up to 24m and a 1,500L hopper. Applying the material through a boom is generally recognised to increase accuracy; it also allows for lower grades, or bulk fertilisers, to be applied without compromising nutrient availability.

Where the fertiliser is being applied to ridges or a bed, it also removes the issue of shading – ensuring a more even spread of fertiliser.

A pneumatic boomed applicator can also widen the window for fertiliser application. Because the material is deposited at 1m-intervals along the boom, it can be applied in windier conditions than would be possible with other types of spreaders.

This can improve timeliness, whilst retaining the desired levels of accuracy.

As well as fertiliser applications, the Cascade can also be used to apply Avadex and slug pellets, simply by changing the metering cassettes. It is also ISOBUS compatible.

20th century

With a heritage dating back to the start of the 20th century, Chafer boasts of a wealth of experience in spraying and liquid application.

In 2002, Chafer Machinery acquired Horstine, which was then well known for the design and manufacture of accurate equipment for the application of granular pesticides, fertilisers and seeds.