Animal health project trains Welsh vets on worm control

A Welsh animal health project has hosted a series of events for Welsh vets to provide training on worm control to ensure the best possible health and productivity of sheep flocks on Welsh farms.

Stoc+, a flock and herd health project being delivered by Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC), works with farmers and their vets to promote proactive animal health management.

Stoc+ is one strand of the Red Meat Development Programme (RMDP), a five-year Welsh government and EU-funded initiative aiming to enhance the red meat sector in Wales.

As part of the project, farmers and their vets work together to identify key health planning priorities and recommendations on the farm, and develop a tailored action plan unique to the farm.

Of the farms who are part of Stoc+, 46% have included worm control in sheep as one of their top flock priorities.

In response to this, the project arranged a series of Train the Trainer events to share professional and up-to-date information with Welsh vets to help them offer further advice to the farms they work with.

Getting expert advice

Sharing expert advice with the vets was independent sheep consultant, Lesley Stubbings.

She is a leading figure in the UK sheep sector, and has a UK-wide reputation for her knowledge and expertise in all aspects of the industry, but particularly sheep nutrition and parasite control.

“I am very encouraged by the group of vets who took part in this course,” she said.

They were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and highly engaged in sustainable parasite control on sheep farms and I urge Welsh sheep farmers to take advantage of their expertise to help them plan practical parasite control within their flock health plans.

Gareth Mulligan from Afon Vets in Neath was one of the vets who attended the training events.

He said:

“The most useful aspect of continuing professional development I often find is the discussion that goes on around the learning material, between fellow practitioners and those delivering the course.

This is of real value when dealing with such a practical subject as delivering up-to-date information and guidance around the subject of worming strategies for sheep.

Stoc+ hopes to hold similar Train the Trainer events on other flock and herd health concerns later in the year.