Harper Adams has created a new route for students who miss out on, or are not quite ready for vet school places, to prepare them for entry to the Harper & Keele Veterinary School in 2020.

The Extended Degree in Bioveterinary Science (Veterinary Science) is now open to applications from students wishing to commence their studies in September 2019.

The programme includes a preparatory year which will help aspiring vet school students advance their academic and practical skills.

The pathway includes two Veterinary Related Vocational Skills modules focussed on farm, equine and companion animals.

It will also allow the students to broaden their outlook through the study of global issues and their business impact.

Carwyn Ellis, head of Harper Adams' Animal Production, Welfare and Veterinary Sciences Department, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for someone with the required academic achievements who has been unable to obtain the required levels of practical experience to qualify for vet school, to obtain such experience during a structured year for which student finance is available – for both tuition and living costs.

It’s not unusual for someone to struggle to gain farm experience, as they might not have the connections.

"But here, we have a full working farm with multiple livestock operations, as well as our companion animal house with a range of species, and specialist staff with veterinary practice experience.”

Further modules on the pathway leading to the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVetMS) degree include Academic Skills, Readings in Applied Science and Physiological Chemistry.

These modules are also included in an alternative pathway, which has been designed for students seeking progress to Bioveterinary Science, Veterinary Nursing and Veterinary Nursing degrees at Harper Adams University.

Prospective vet school students will have to achieve a minimum of 75% across their dedicated pathway to secure a place. But all will have the option to continue on a bio-veterinary science degree route.

Interviews for the Veterinary Science preparatory year will take place at the end of August. Interested candidates should visit the Harper Adams website or call admissions on: 01952-815-000.