An Audi was one of two vehicles seized for running on red agricultural diesel by officers of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) over the weekend on Friday night, January 17.

In a statement on the matter, a spokesperson for PSNI officers based in Craigavon, Co. Armagh, confirmed that the cars had been seized, outlining:

"Have a nice car but don’t want to pay the costs to run it like most other people? Then it’ll be seized - just like this one was last night, after it was found to be running on red diesel.

Officers from South Area Burglary Team carrying out patrols in the area last night seized another car for the same thing, alongside arresting a female who was evading us by not turning up on bail on numerous occasions.

"Our priority is, and always will be, hunting down and arresting burglars," the police statement said.

"However, as part of our normal patrols, alongside carrying out searches on cars to see what’s inside them (i.e. drugs or stolen items), we also carry out checks to see what’s inside the fuel tank," the officer warned.

A similar incident took place earlier this month when the driver of a saloon car at one filling station in the “Red Hand County” of Tyrone was caught “red handed” filling their vehicle with red agricultural diesel on the station’s forecourt.

The car in question was also seized.