An Australian company has announced the launch of a new product, “Ashgrove Eco-Milk”, which is a climate-friendly milk.

Ashgrove Cheese stated that this new eco-milk retains all the nutritional benefits and taste of Ashgrove full cream milk while reducing environmental impact.

This new milk has proven to produce 25% less methane emissions, which marks a “significant” step towards sustainable dairy production.

According to the founders, this all became possible by the use of a native Tasmanian seaweed. The seaweed has the natural ability to halve the amount of methane emitted when Ashgrove’s herd burps.

Ashgrove commented that it is a win-win for the cows and the environment, highlighting the companies unwavering commitment to sustainability.

In collaboration with SeaForest, Ashgrove feeds its cows a dietary supplement called SeaFeed, which is derived from the native red seaweed.

The cows graze on grass and during milking they indulge on a muesli mix with the addition of SeaFeed.

This supplement reduces methane emissions by interacting with enzymes in the cows’ digestive system, making the process more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Muesli mix with SeaFeed Source: Ashgrove

Managing Director of Ashgrove, Richard Bennett said:

“Ashgrove Eco-Milk represents our dedication to innovation and sustainability, we are proud to lead the way with this Tasmanian solution to a global challenge.”

Ashgrove’s goal is to reduce methane emissions from its herd’s milk production by 30%, therefore, reducing its carbon footprint.

CEO of SeaForest, Sam Elsom said that SeaFeed offers a solution to one of the “significant contributors” to greenhouse gas emissions.

Ashgrove Eco-Milk packaging is also eco-friendly, with the bottle, label, and clear lid made from 100% recyclable materials.

Ashgrove Eco-Milk is now available on the shelves of Woolworths and IGAs across Tasmania.

With plans to expand interstate and develop a range of low-emission, climate-friendly dairy products, Ashgrove is poised to “revolutionize” the dairy industry while maintaining environmental responsibility.