Check out these 2018 improvements for Claas foragers

Claas has phased in several improvements for its Jaguar self-propelled forage harvesters for this coming season.

The latest 900 series machines get a new hydraulic pre-compression system, whereby the two rear springs on the feed-rollers (of the feeder housing) have been replaced by hydraulic rams with pressure reservoirs.

Different ‘characteristic maps’ are used to adjust the pre-compression force automatically, to cater for different crops and changes in the thickness of the crop-flow.

Also new for the latest 900 series machines is a new V-MAX chopping cylinder (drum).

It allows the knife carriers to be adjusted, in such a way that a “symmetrical crop discharge” can still be achieved when using a half-set of knives.

In this way, says Claas, it is possible to use a corn cracker (kernel processor) with chop lengths up to 30mm. This means that the new version of the drum offers an additional range of chop lengths – from very short with a full set of knives (for, say, biomass) to very long with half the number of knives.

A new payload detection feature enables the operator to programme payload quantities for up to three tractor-trailer combinations.

This is done via the on-board CEBIS computer system. When the set quantity is reached, the system gives a warning.

800 series updates

800 series machines also get a package of upgrades. Automatic filling is now available to the rear.

Previously, it could only be used when side-filling. A payload detection system, as outlined above for 900 series models, is also on the cards.

Attachment updates

In related updates, the new ‘PICK UP 300’ can be equipped with a suspended frame – for better ground following. All ‘PICK UP’ models can be equipped with a three-speed transmission, for better adjustment of crop-flow. Claas says that its roller crop press has also been improved.

Meanwhile, the ‘DIRECT DISC’ attachment line-up has been expanded with a new DIRECT DISC 600 P and 500 P. The new feature is the additional paddle roller (P in the model designation). This is intended to improve performance in short and medium-length crops.

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