The new 'Advanced Trailer Brake System' represents a "major advance in tractor safety". That's according to Case IH.

The fitment can now be specified as an option on Puma 185, 200, 220 and 240 CVX models.

According to Case IH, in many cases where a tractor and trailer are used, the speed of the combination is reduced by the engine braking effort imparted by the tractor alone.

In such situations, it says that unbraked trailers can push on the slowing tractor, potentially causing it to 'jack-knife'.

The so-called Advanced Trailer Brake System monitors driving conditions and, when engaged, "automatically stabilises the tractor using the trailer brakes".

Whenever the driver requests a speed decrease, either via the Multicontroller or by releasing the Drive Pedal, the system estimates the deceleration force needed by comparing the target vehicle speed with the actual speed.

It then adjusts the braking force applied (having measured transmission input torque, based on flywheel torque sensor and Engine Control Unit data).

This information is used to calculate and apply the appropriate pressure needed to balance the deceleration force on the tractor with the momentum exerted by the trailer.

A 35kph speed threshold allows the driver to make minor speed adjustments when travelling on the road, without the trailer brakes being applied. If the system is activated excessively, the driver will be alerted by audible and visual warnings.

Additionally, to avoid overheating and fading of the brakes, the system applies pulsated braking power and adds a short break after five seconds.

Initially, this patented system will be a circa £350 option on new Puma 185-240 CVX models equipped with pneumatic (air) trailer brakes. It can also be retrofitted on all Puma 185-240 CVX tractors that are compliant with the European 'Tractor Mother Regulation'.

The Advanced Trailer Brake System will become available on other Case IH Puma, Maxxum and Optum tractors equipped with the CVXDrive transmission from the beginning of 2019.