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Along with many improved details, the new Claas Liner 3600, 800 and 700 swathers are characterised by their innovative ideas with regard to transport on the road and in the field.

According to Claas the new four-rotor Liner 3600, which succeeds the Liner 3500, offers the customer the option of transporting the machine safely on the road without removing the tine arms, and has a transport height of less than 4.00 m.

Claas says with a working width of 9.90 m – 12.50 m, the Liner 3600 has extremely compact transport dimensions and can therefore be used flexibly and effectively from one field to another.

New innovative road running gear

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Using the redeveloped road running gear, it is possible to change the compact transport height of the Liner 3600 via a single-acting spool whilst on the move.

Claas says this allows the transport height or the ground clearance to be adjusted at any time so that uneven ground and obstacles can be driven over without any problems. The new running gear also makes it possible to equip the machine with large-volume, ground-protecting tyres.

New entry-level model for dual-rotor swathers

The Liner 750 and 650 dual-rotor swathers are being replaced by the new Liner 800 and 700 models with working widths from 4.00 m – 7.50 m and 3.50 m – 6.30 m.

Claas claim these compact models have no main running guide and, in addition to the single side discharge, also offer the TWIN function for two-swath discharge.

In order to reduce the transport width, the tine arms can be quickly and easily attached and removed, but also rapidly replaced whenever collision damage occurs. When driving on the road, they can be “parked” easily and safely in the specifically provided transport position on the implement.

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