A concept tractor from Steyr has been announced as the winner of the Platinum Award in the 2020 MUSE Design Awards competition in the concept design category.

Conferred by a jury composed of international design professionals and industry specialists, the "Steyr Konzept" was chosen in a field of some 3,000 entrants.

The MUSE Creative and MUSE Design Awards, established by the International Awards Associate Inc, "recognise the achievements of design professionals from around the world hailing from a range of disciplines", according to Steyr's parent company CNH International.

CNH describes the Konzept as a "sustainable and potentially zero emission package", noting that it was the result of collaboration between Steyr and sister powertrain brand FPT Industrial.

The Steyr Konzept tractor "employs a serial hybrid approach whereby the diesel engine, a compact 4.5L four-cylinder unit, works at optimal speed as an energy generator, charging batteries", CNH says.

Depending on the application, the concept can achieve a 10% fuel saving versus pure diesel, the machinery giant says.

Striking Steyr showcase

The Konzept was one of the more eye-catching exhibits shown at Agritechnica 2019, in Germany - as reported by AgriLand.

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The (150kW/204hp) tractor is powered by a four-cylinder FPT engine, which drives an electric generator. This generator then powers four electric wheel-motors, plus a fifth electric motor for the PTO.

This ‘hybrid’ tractor also has an on-board battery – with a capacity of 30kWh. The manufacturer says that a 60kWh version is possible too.

As well as having an electrically-driven PTO, the tractor can also supply electricity to power suitable implements/machines at the rear.

Interestingly, the tractor is also designed to operate whilst in ‘real-time’ communication with a drone – to enable it to process a greater array of (in-field) data.