With just one image and several versions of the same video, Deutz Fahr has launched its new 6C series which consists of three models of 126hp, 136hp and 143hp, all meeting Stage V emissions standards.

The arrival of these models had been hinted at in the runes of this year's tractor prices which lists the base 6115 C PS with standard gearbox as €102,120 (£85,700).

At the other end of the scale lies the 6135 C TTV, complete with constantly variable transmission costing €130,610 (£110,000).

Ease of use

Aware of the growing complexity of tractor operation and control, Deutz Fahr are inviting us to "enter a new dimension of simplicity". However, this would appear to relate mainly to the new RVShift gearbox.

Altogether there are three transmission options available. The first offers 20X20 at the basic level, this may be doubled with the addition of the creeper gear, while the three powershift option offers a total of 60X60 ratios.

New gearbox option

Next in line comes the all new RVShift transmission which is a purely powershift unit of 20X16 speeds and a roadspeed of up to 50km/h.

The big news here is that it is managed though a simple joystick and goes a long way towards mimicking a full CVT set up.

And for just an extra €4,000 approximately, one can purchase the fully fledged constantly variable transmission with its infinite number of ratios.

Improved cab for 6C series

Other than a revised selection of gearboxes, the Topvision series of cabs has been revamped and now all models will come with the company's Hydro Silent-Block suspension.

A mechanical cab suspension, as well as front axle suspension, are available as options to cater for those seeking greater comfort still.

At the heart of the load sensing hydraulic system lies a 90L/min pump with a 120L/min unit also available, if desired. A 7,000kg lift capacity may also be chosen over the standard 5,000kg item.