Deutz-Fahr unveils C6000 series combine

Following the success of the C9000 and C7000 series combines in previous years, Deutz-Fahr will launch the new C6000 series.

According to Deutz-Fahr, the C6000 Series consists of highly efficient compact units for farms that prefer to rely on their own machinery and resources when it comes to harvest.

The company says the C6205 allows for the highest level of driver comfort and ease of use.

The Evo II Commander Cab provides high standards of comfort and technology, a soundproof interior and complete operator safety together with state-of-the-art controls and a modern air conditioning system, says the company.

The new model has five straw walkers along with a wide range of standard cutting headers equipped with the Schumacher Easy Cut system and Varicrop variable headers.

It also has a top-of-the-range thresher and a cleaning system with the innovative Deutz-Fahr double grain return system, it says.

Deutz-Fahr reports the new model has 7,000L of grain storage and is powered by the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly engines available on the market, the 6.1L engines deliver a nominal power of 230 HP (169 kW) and a maximum power of 250 HP (184 kW).

The Combine Control Management (CCM) system allows the operator to verify the quality of work at any time, presenting key information about the combine’s activity at a glance, reports the company.

Standard headers are available in the following sizes: 4.20m, 4.80m, 5.40m and 6.30m, it says. Each is built with planetary transmission to guarantee high cutting frequency of about 1,220 rpm, it says.

The threshing system of the C6205 has a diameter of 600mm and retains the characteristics of the C9000 and C7000 Series, guaranteeing top performance for every type of product, says the company.

The long, closed straw walkers will allow for maximum cleaning at minimum effort. The C6000 Series will allow for precise separation in any conditions, including damp material and heavily weed infested crops.

The cleaning effectiveness of the C6205 is boosted by a ventilation system with a cross-flow turbine this blows air across the entire width of the combine harvester.

The Deutz-Fahr C6205 can be also fitted with a high-performance straw chopper and chaff spreader that can handle large quantities of residual product with maximum efficiency. This equipment is easy to engage and adjust, ensuring excellent results and significant time savings, says the company.