The 2019 European Pig Innovation (EU PiG) Grand Prix is now open for entries, and all pig producers across the European Union are invited to put their names forward.

The closing date for applications is February 28, 2019. Up to 300 producers expected to put their hat in the ring to become an EU PiG Ambassador.

The competition is made up of eight challenges, which EU PiG have identified as key concerns for the pig industry at the moment.

The challenges are based on such things as health management, meat quality, animal welfare and precision production.

The eight Grand Prix challenges for 2019 are:

  • Early warning of diseases and production errors;
  • Influence of gut health on disease and production data;
  • Replacing GMO in soy for feed production;
  • Opening farms to engage with the public;
  • Strategies to reduce aggression between animals;
  • The quality of the farm atmosphere;
  • Reducing piglet mortality;
  • Dashboard systems or benchmarking.

Each of the eight categories awards its own ambassador title, and organisers believe that each of the eight winners will receive international recognition for their efforts, allowing them to get in touch with other producers.

EU PiG says its aim is to raise awareness of the European pig industry by connecting producers and allowing them to share their innovations with each other, and it believes that producers always learn something new from each other.

Entries can be made online at: