The second European Wool Day will be celebrated at the Museo del Traje in Madrid, Spain this weekend (Saturday, April 9).

The initiative, developed by the EWE Foundation (European Wool Exchange Foundation) brings together professionals from the agricultural sector and therapists from different European countries.

It acts as a space for the exchange of experiences between weavers, wool professionals and the world of health and wellbeing that will take place from 11:00a.m. to 6:30p.m.

European Wool Day

The event aims to highlight the importance of a material that offers extensive modes of use and from which ample opportunities arise to improve its quality, distribution and use.

Organisers of the event have said that the great versatility and its positive characteristics in ecological terms, show wool as a much more suitable material for the real needs of the planet.

Its characteristics of reuse, biodegradation and its production method promote a system of sustainable local development, which is presented as an essential pillar to preserve maximum quality and the lightest possible energy footprint, according to the EWE foundation.


The foundation added that wool is a material present in different sectors, with which activities can be diversified.

"Both in the textile sector, as in education or the world of health and wellness and even in art. In short, wool is a unique material, a gift from nature that has been of great importance in the past and that continues to want to be part of the future," EWE Foundation stated

Organisers believe that European Wool Day is being celebrated at the right time, as supporting wool means supporting breeders, shepherds, shearers, artisans, textiles and ultimately the primary sector.

The rise of synthetic threads has broken the wool production chains in Europe.

"For that reason, the EWE Foundation considers necessary to hold this event to reinforce the great importance that wool deserves and its application for personal health and wellbeing and above all for the environment, in a context of circular economy."

The Museo del Traje in Madrid will host a dynamic day, with workshops, interviews and presentations that will allow participants to delve into the subject.

Organisations such as the Asociacion IAIA; la Asociación Trashumancia y Naturaleza, and la Asociación de Creadores Textiles de Madrid support the initiative and hope that this second year will boost and impact on the social awareness.

The event takes place on-site and online, as it will be on live on the EWE YouTube channel from 1:00p.m, tomorrow April 9.