Farmers have one week to spread fertiliser before closed period kicks-in

Farmers have one week left to spread chemical fertilisers on their lands before the prohibition application period kicks in.

Under the Nitrates Directive, from September 15, farmers are not allowed to spread chemical fertiliser on their land.

Until January 12 in the south east, January 15 in the midlands and west and until January 31, farmers are prohibited from spreading fertiliser on their land.


Next month, on October 15, farmers are prohibited from spreading slurry on their lands with the aim being to protect ground and surface water, including drinking water.

The regulations also prohibit such application at any time of the year when the ground is frozen, waterlogged or heavy rain is forecast.

Meanwhile, the closed period for spreading farm yard manure starts on November 1.

Failure to comply with these guidelines could lead to farmers Basic Payments potentially being penalised.

Weather outlook for the coming days

Tomorrow, Friday, will start off dry in eastern areas but wet and windy weather in Atlantic coastal counties at breakfast time, are forecast to become widespread by early afternoon.

The rain will be accompanied by strong and gusty south to southwesterly winds and will be heavy in places, but will begin to clear eastwards later in the day, Met Eireann has said.

Friday night is forecast to be mainly dry with clear spells.

Meanwhile, Saturday will be largely dry with sunny spells and there may be one or two light showers along west and northwest coasts.

Highest temperatures will range 16 or 17 degrees with light southwest breezes.

Current indications suggest that Sunday be a wet day with spells of heavy rain in all areas at times and the rain will continue on Sunday night. There will also be a risk of flooding in places.

On Monday rain is forecast to continue to affect west Munster, Connacht and Ulster with a continued risk of flooding.

Highest temperatures on Monday will vary between 14 to 17 degrees.

Tuesday looks set to be a dry day with good sunny spells and at the moment it looks like Wednesday will start off dry. but showery rain will move up from the south as the day goes on.