AgriLand recently revealed that AGCO’s Challenger products, including its rubber-tracked tractor line-up, will be “integrated into the Fendt brand” here in Europe before the end of this year.

The first pictures of green-liveried rubber-tracked Challenger tractors have started to appear. However, it must be stressed that these are not "official" shots; nor can their authenticity be verified at this stage.

What has been confirmed, thus far, is that Fendt dealers across western and central Europe will be able to sell 'green' tracked tractors and sprayers – after this year’s Agritechnica show in November. Deliveries of the first such machines are planned for the first quarter of next year (2018).

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The styling of Fendt's existing 1000 Vario Series wheeled tractors is already evident on the latest rubber-tracked Challengers. We expect this same styling to also be adopted on some smaller wheeled tractors in Fendt's line-up.

Though badged as a 1000 Vario Series model, this tractor (below) appears to be smaller than current models and also bears a new number. Is this a pointer to future styling cues for its lower-horsepower tractors?

[caption id="attachment_191261" align="aligncenter" width="638"]Fendt Image source:[/caption]

In other AGCO news, further pictures (below) have emerged of an all-new Fendt combine harvester. These pictures, which are not "official", were reportedly snapped during a UK trial of the new "disguised" machine.

[caption id="attachment_191137" align="aligncenter" width="728"] Image source: AB Photography (@Agrifoto)‏[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_191236" align="aligncenter" width="728"]Fendt Image source: AB Photography (@Agrifoto)‏[/caption]

More information on this machine will emerge during September; the development is believed to be part of AGCO’s broader drive to further grow and improve its “full-line” products. Watch this space...