Scottish-based co-op First Milk has revealed its milk price for its members in the month of May, in what is described as a move to "provide stability".

The co-op will hold its prices at their current levels; 27.75p/L for its liquid standard litre, and 28.68p/L for a manufacturing standard litre, inclusive of a member premium.

Jim Baird, vice chairman of First Milk, said the decision is an attempt to provide stability for members.

Amid ongoing uncertainty and downward pressure in domestic dairy markets, we are working hard to continue to provide as much stability as we can for our members.

The decision was welcomed by the National Farmers' Union in Scotland (NFU Scotland).

"The milk price announcement by First Milk demonstrates a more confident picture, with processing capacity at both Harvardford West and Lake District creameries capable of handling up to 40,000t each, which equates to almost 800 million litres of milk per annum," said John Smith, NFU Scotland's milk chairman.

He added: "With an expected higher spring flush, the company expects to be delivering strong performance through its contracts and customer base, and a weaker spot price created by unplanned milk production within the UK."

Smith also urged suppliers to "work closely" with their purchasers in order to get reasonable returns.

"The message to all milk producers is to clearly discuss with your milk purchaser how much milk they require and work closely in partnership with them, and as an industry try to get the supply-demand balance correct in order for everyone in the chain to get a reasonable return for their huge efforts and heavy investments," he concluded.