A new virtual event is set to take place this weekend in place of the many cancelled to help sheep farmers connect during the coronavirus pandemic.

Free talks at the first Sheep Production Show include the NSA chief executive, how agri-tech is revolutionising disease management and breeding, as well as sheep farmer success stories.

The all-day digital event will take place this Saturday and provide a long-distance peek over the fence at what other sheep farmers are up to, as well as what’s happening in the industry.

Ahead of the event, NSA chief executive Phil Stocker said: “I’d encourage any sheep farmer to log in to the Sheep Production Show this Saturday.

Whether it’s trade and markets, changing farm support schemes and the phasing out of the BPS, or a host of policy changes, it is all going to mean farmers need to be on top of their game, and prepared to adapt in order to survive in a very different world.

"I’m really pleased to be involved and I hope I can bring a wealth of experience and views from my work at the National Sheep Association.”

With dozens of major UK farming events cancelled, including NSA Scotsheep and the Royal Welsh Show, the Sheep Production Show is giving farmers the space and opportunity to still come together and share knowledge.

It follows the success of AgriWebb’s ‘Digital Farm Walk’ events in April and May, which attracted over 500 participants, and will provide sheep farmers with the opportunity to hear from industry leaders and innovators, as well as their peers.

Campbell Mauchan, UK general manager at AgriWebb, said: “Our first virtual events proved that, now more than ever, farmers really want to hear how their peers are succeeding, as well as the latest view on trends and innovations shaping the industry.

"Online speaker sessions like these have grown in popularity in the past three months and we’re delighted to be able to bring together another fantastic mix of speakers.”