JCB has reserved the first outing of its latest telescopic handler, the TM420S, for Scotgrass which is to be held on May 18, 2022 at Dumfries.

Sitting at the top of the telescopic handler range, this latest machine is aimed squarely at contractors and larger farmers, boasting 173hp and a 50km/h road speed.

Swift operation

Engine size is an important aspect in judging the performance of any loader but equally as important in a machine that relies so much on hydraulics for its operation, is the rate at which the oil flows.

There is a dual pump arrangement that delivers up to 160L/min flow for boom and attachment operation, and up to 100L/min to auxiliary services.

The TM420S is fitted with JCB's ‘regenerative’ boom hydraulics system. This exploits the weight of the boom to let it down quickly but under full control for faster loading cycle times, the company claims.

This level of flow allows the loader to be operated within its capabilities without the need for high revs in trying to achieve sufficient oil flow for rapid operation.

A comfortable day

By having a high oil flow at lower engine speeds, JCB suggests that the operator is afforded a quieter and more relaxed working environment while helping with the fuel economy.

JCB Scotgrass power
The new telescopic handler is destined to be a contractor's tool

The new loader is equipped with a unique transmission providing eight powershift speeds with torque converter lock-up available throughout, this is intended to maximise its pushing power.

The 50km/h top speed allows for reduced journey times between clamp-filling locations and enables the loader to keep up with the tractor fleet.

Proportional response to pedal

To suit different applications, the transmission’s auto mode responds to light accelerator pedal use by shifting up and down at a relatively steady engine speed to increase fuel economy.

More aggressive pedal use results in delayed up-shifts to exploit the JCB engine’s power and torque, thus gaining the maximum acceleration possible and so increasing productivity.

Cooperation with Krone at Scotgrass

The TM420S will be working alongside JCB's 435S agricultural loading shovel on the Scotgrass silage clamp, while a fleet of Fastracs will be engaged in transport duties.

JCB has also partnered with Krone to demonstrate what the two companies believe to be highly efficient and operator-friendly grass harvesting systems.