The Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW) has welcomed the Welsh Government’s agreement for derogations to be allowed where certain Glastir rules are adding to problems caused by the hot weather.

Glastir is the sustainable land management scheme, through which the Welsh Government offers financial support to farmers and land managers.

Restriction on lifting crops

The FUW had written to Cabinet Secretary Lesley Griffiths highlighting how problems caused by the extremely wet weather experienced from last summer onwards were being exacerbated by the long period of dry weather.

Farmers across Wales have reported that silage and hay crops have been particularly badly affected, with quality and quantity deteriorating with each day that passes in the current hot weather.

For those in Glastir agreements, such problems are compounded by restrictions which limit farmers’ ability to make up for such impacts, most notably the restriction on lifting crops before July 15.

In his letter, FUW President Glyn Roberts stated: “Given the knock-on impact this will have on forage supplies in the autumn and winter, particularly, if we again experience extreme weather, as we have done over the past  10 months, and the degree to which these restrictions are undermining the ability of farms to make their businesses more resilient, we believe it is imperative that derogations be granted as a matter of urgency.”

Following the request, the Welsh Government have agreed that requests for derogations from Glastir root crop and hay meadow options can be submitted through Rural Payments Wales (RPW) Online.

“Farmers should note that this is not a blanket derogation, and that all requests received will be considered on a case by case basis and must be made in writing or via their RPW online account,” said Mr Roberts.

“However, it is a welcome step, and we will continue to highlight the need for further moves which take account of the extremely dry weather and its potential knock-on effect.”

Those wishing to know more about the derogation should contact their local FUW office.