The first Global Dairy Trade auction of 2016 recorded a decrease of 1.6% on the last auction held on December 15, 2015.

The main movers were butter – up 6.7% and lactose – up 11.4% while whole milk powder was down 4.4% and skim milk powder was down 0.8%. Some 25.6m tonnes of product were sold to 166 bidders.

Global Dairy Trade Key Results

AMF index down 2.7%, average price US$3,644/MT
Butter index up 6.7%, average price US$3,314/MT
BMP index up 1.0%, average price US$1,586/MT
Ched index up 3.5%, average price US$2,964/MT
LAC index up 11.4%, average price US$594/MT
RenCas index up 3.9%, average price US$4,736/MT
SMP index down 0.8%, average price US$1,890/MT
WMP index down 4.4%, average price US$2,210/MT

At the last Global Dairy Trade, held in December, overall dairy prices were up 1.9% – a lower than expected increase with many signalling that recent activity of the New Zealand futures market suggested a rise of 10% could be possible.

Key Results – December 15

  • AMF index up 6.1%, average price US$/MT
  • Butter index up 9.0%, average price US$/MT
  • BMP index down 6.1%, average price US$/MT
  • Ched index up 1.1%, average price US$/MT
  • LAC index up 6.8%, average price US$/MT
  • RenCas index down 9.5%, average price US$/MT
  • SMP index up 0.2%, average price US$/MT
  • WMP index up 1.8%, average price US$/MT

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