A video has been circulated on social media showing the extent of the ongoing African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak that is decimating pig populations in Asian countries.

According to ABC Landline the video was was taken in a town located in southern China.

The publication further noted that the pigs in the video had died from ASF and were then taken out and left by the side of the road.


Commenting on the African swine fever (ASF) situation, the Irish Farmers’ Association’s (IFA’s) Pigs Committee chairman, Tom Hogan outlined that the ASF threat is “still very real” to Ireland and called for the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to continue spot-checks on people coming in from ASF positive countries.

“It seems to be continuing to spread,” Hogan explained.

Figures would suggest 35% of the herd is gone in China and a 50% reduction by year end is forecasted.

Concluding, Hogan warned: “There has been a substantial number of pigs culled in Vietnam as well; the figures are frightening to say the least.”


Meanwhile, Rabobank has said production losses from African swine fever (ASF) have eclipsed initial estimates.

It believes the Chinese pork production shortfall, along with shortfalls in Southeast Asia, will create “both challenges and opportunities for animal protein exporters”.

It has further predicted that sizable breeding herd losses will delay the Chinese pork industry’s recovery.

Concluding, Rabobank further outlined that rebuilding efforts will be further complicated by the risk of recontamination, despite available financial resources.