Fendt and JP Sauer & Sohn - apparently Germany's oldest gun-maker - have teamed up to produce a tractor-themed hunting rifle.

The gun - known as the S 404 'Fendt 1050 Vario' - is, as its name suggests, intended to draw attention to Fendt's flagship tractor.

Alas, you can't simply order one. This rifle is a one-off. According to JP Sauer & Sohn, this "shoot-able Fendt 'diesel horse' will be auctioned off with the help of Frankonia Jagd's online auction house Auctronia".

Proceeds will apparently go to the German Hunting Association's (DJV's) 'Network Open Fields Biosphere' project.

The gun-maker describes the weapon as a "must-have". A spokesperson explained: "It takes on the lines of the tractor's massive bonnet.

"In order to achieve the optics of tractor tyres, the rubber grip inlays [pictured below] were meticulously fashioned by hand."

He added: "The rifle's bolt was fashioned to simulate the tractor's perforated exhaust pipe shield. This S 404 is peppered with tiny round depressions and is coated in black DLC [diamond-like carbon].

"The whole thing is rounded out with a fluted barrel with nickel-plated sight-bases and a chrome-plated muzzle thread projector."

Talk of guns aside, pictures believed to depict the next-generation Fendt 900 Vario series tractors are circulating on social media.

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Unconfirmed reports suggest that the new line-up will comprise five models – namely the 930, 933, 936, 939 and 942. Power ratings are expected to stretch from 296hp to 415hp.

[caption id="attachment_389472" align="aligncenter" width="1022"] Image source: Ed Grommes (@breyers26) Twitter page[/caption]

This shot (above) was uploaded onto Twitter (by Ed Grommes @breyers26). The picture is believed to have been taken in the US – at an AGCO event.

It is apparent that the new tractors share some styling cues with the larger (and more powerful) 1000 Vario line-up.