It’s not a crime to take some time off every once in a while

As the calving season draws to a close, now is a time for you to reflect on the months gone by and reward yourself with some well needed time off.

Although this spring for most farmers will go down in history as one of the best on record, a lot of farmers over the last few months were put to the test physically due to the major shortage in farm labour.

It is in these weeks between the end of calving and the start of the breeding season that offers you the opportunity to take some time away from the farm and prepare yourself for another very busy period on the farm.

Looking after yourself

It is not a crime to take some time off every once in a while. Some time off allows you to catch up on some well needed rest and means that you will enter into the next stage of the season with more energy to complete the task at hand.

Time off is not only good for your physical health, but it is important for your mental health too. Time away from the farm will help to clear your head, which will hopefully enable you to make better on-farm decisions.

Options to consider:
  • Get a relief milker in for a few evenings during the week or for the weekend;
  • Go away for a weekend even if it’s just for one night;
  • Take an evening off to do something you enjoy;
  • Go somewhere for the day with your family;
  • Visit a friend or some relatives for a chat.

Some farmers forget that they need to look after themselves just as much as they look after their cows. If they don’t, they begin to get worn out, tired and disinterested. This can impact negatively on your work and can even make you lose your passion for something you once loved.

These transition weeks should also give you time to visit your GP for a check up, just to ensure that you are fit and healthy going into this next stage of the season.

Along with getting some extra rest have a think about your diet: Is there anything that you could do to improve it? This may include eating more fruit or vegetables, drinking more water or reducing the amount of sugary foods you eat.

A well-balanced diet will provide you with more energy and maintain your health which is so important in a physical job like farming.