There was plenty of news on the materials handling front at Agritechnica 2017, including the arrival of JCB's TM420 (above).

It offers more performance and capacity than the firm's existing TM320 and TM320S.

In fact, the new TM420 brings 32% more load lifting ability – at 4.1t. It also boosts lift height by 200mm to 5.4m.

The TM420 also incorporates all of the upgrades on the latest-specification TM320 and TM320S – including: an improved cab with instruments that provide "daily start-up checks from the driver’s seat"; LED lighting options; and self-lubricating bushes that extend greasing intervals to 500 hours.

The newcomer also uses the same 145hp JCB EcoMAX engine, which meets Euro Stage IV / US Tier 4 Final emissions rules – using SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) but no DPF (Diesel Particulates Filter).

Regenerative hydraulics

The TM420 also features: a regenerative hydraulics circuit, resulting in faster boom lowering for quicker loading cycles; a “tougher” chassis with larger pins and bushes for the centre pivot and loader; heavier-duty JCB axles with permanent 4WD to handle the increased payload; and 26in wheels with larger tyres.

JCB also brought its new 419S Agri wheeled loading shovel to Agritechnica.

This machine, which replaces the 418S Agri, has been purpose-built for agricultural applications and is claimed to provide "greater traction and stability from a longer wheelbase".

The 419S Agri's arrival also completed the roll-out of the CommandPlus cab across the firm’s "heavy-duty" wheeled loading shovel range.

The power-to-weight ratio is bolstered by “increased power and torque” from the 6.7L Cummins six-cylinder engine, which meets the latest emissions rules using only an AdBlue-injecting SCR system and integrated diesel oxidising catalyst (DOC) to clean up exhaust gases. There is no DPF filter.

Top road travel speed is 48kph.

This, says JCB, enables the new loader to keep pace with other machines in a contractor’s silage-making or manure-spreading team.