John Deere's new W and T Series combines have been redesigned for the 2016 harvest with new Stage IV compliant PSS engines with more power and lower engine speeds.

The machinery manufacturer has changed many of the components in order to achieve the best straw walker combine performance possible.

The combination of the largest active separation area on the market and an enlarged cleaning shoe area will enable operators to achieve an increase in output of up to 15%, the company says.

Other class leading features include the fastest unloading rate and header conversion for different crops; exclusive 40km/h top speed and track options; and the latest Farmsight precision farming developments with Connectedcombine and John Deere.

On both the W and T Series, the design changes provide increased separation capacity even under tough and wet harvesting conditions, it says.

Featuring a sieve area of more than 6m2, the redesigned cleaning shoe is now among the largest in its class and it says tests have shown that the combines can now operate at a high performance level with low losses across a wider range of fan settings.

This makes it easier to get the maximum out of the combine with minimal losses, even for less experienced operators, John Deere says.

The unloading rate of up to 125L per second allows an 11,000L capacity grain tank to be emptied in less than 90 seconds.

The new 600X Series combine header can also be converted from barley to rape harvesting in just three minutes, while the rape knife features a quick coupler for faster conversion.

In addition, John Deere's new quick-engage Booster Bar is a rasp bar that can be swung into the crop flow in less than three minutes in situations where more aggressive threshing is required, for example in barley.

The Connectedcombine package is designed to enable operators to get the maximum performance out of the harvester, to adjust it properly and manage the recorded data with the support of GPS.

Autotrac hands-free steering allows the driver to concentrate on combine adjustments, while Interactive Combine Adjustment (ICA) helps with the optimisation of machine settings, John Deere says.

If required, it says Remote Display Access (RDA) connects the operator to a dealer specialist on the go, giving access to 24/7 product support and training.

John Deere’s larger S Series combines for 2016 will feature Stage IV engines with the same industry leading diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) consumption of only 1-3%. A 40km/h transmission option will also be available, in combination with Prodrive.

In addition, the smaller W330 combine can now be specified with the Autotrac Universal automatic guidance system, as can the W440 and W440PTC models, which also have the option of electric sieve adjustment, it says.