Kemper has announced that it has established a strategic agreement with Scherer (based in the US) to offer kernel processors (corn crackers) and rolls for various brands of forage harvester.

John Deere, which owns Kemper, has already been installing Scherer processors in its forage harvesters for the past year.

Following on from this, Kemper is now taking over the distribution rights for Scherer kernel processors (and replacement rolls for other forage harvester brands) in Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, CIS states, Asia and South America.

Scherer will apparently produce new processors in accordance with Kemper's design specifications. All components will be manufactured in metric dimensions for Kemper, for example. The processors will be sold in Kemper's brand color - under the product name 'ProfiCracker'.

The manufacturer claims that the so-called 'ProfiCracker' has "robust" rolls, shafts and bearings. Its 'TwinCut' surface (of the rolls) "ensures perfect processing even at long chop-lengths".

Moreover, the bearings are continuously lubricated with an oil mist and, thus, run cooler. Another special feature is temperature measurement to allow "continuous monitoring of bearings" and to warn the operator of high temperatures.

Hinge-open design

The patented hinge-open design (pictured below) is designed to allow for "easy access and servicing". In other words, the processor can be "opened quickly - making it easy to change the rolls".

In addition to the new 'ProfiCracker', Kemper will also supply replacement rolls for Claas and Krone units. A spokesperson said: "We are in discussion with other self-propelled forage harvester manufacturers about a possible collaboration."

It's worth noting that Kemper, based in Stadtlohn (Germany), is a well-known manufacturer of rotary heads and pick-ups (one of which is pictured below) for self-propelled forage harvesters (from various brands).

It claims that around 50% of all forage harvesters of well-known brands are equipped with its maize/corn heads.

Meanwhile, Scherer - based in South Dakota (US) - is known as a manufacturer of kernel processors and rolls for both self-propelled forage harvesters and stationary grain mills. Scherer claims to be the "leading manufacturer of these products in the US".