Kramer and Deere ‘marriage’ is now a reality here in Ireland

John Deere and Kramer announced last year that compact, all-wheel-steer loaders and telescopic loaders under the Kramer brand will, where possible, be sold through the John Deere sales network – as part of a “strategic alliance”.

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The deal has since been confirmed. In the Republic of Ireland, Kramer loaders are now being marketed through some – but not all – John Deere dealers.

Presumably, in a case where a John Deere dealer will not offer Kramer products, it is because the dealer already holds a franchise for a competing loader or materials handler (i.e. a scenario where a John Deere dealer might already be a franchised agent for, say, Caterpillar).

In any case, several John Deere dealers up and down the country have embraced Kramer.

Dealers’ comments

Adrian Cronin, managing director of Farm Power, has a “strong appreciation” for Kramer’s wheel loaders. He explained: “These all-wheel-steer machines are extremely manoeuvrable and offer a high level of stability. This makes the compact wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders of particular interest for agriculture.”

John Deere Kramer

Noel McCullough, managing director of Agri-Power Donegal, commented on the “high quality and innovative technology” of these machines.

Meanwhile, John Geary – managing director at Gearys Garage – explained: “We can adapt these machines to each of our customers and their requirements due to the variety of attachments, which can be attached to the front or to the rear.”

At the other end of the country, Ian Timmons – managing director of Meath Farm Machinery – added: “There’s something for everyone. We can combine the right machine with customer-specific options for a wide variety of applications and thus put together the right vehicle.”

In addition to the wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders, the manufacturer has offered a total of nine telehandlers since last year – between 6m and 9m stacking height.

Irish man on the ground

The market development manager for Kramer in Ireland, Adrian Wilson, says he is looking forward to the new all-wheel-steer KL60.8 loader (pictured below).

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“With a bucket tipping load of 5,600kg and a stacking payload of 3,900kg, the KL60.8 opens up a new size class in our product portfolio,” explained Wilson.