LacPatrick announces milk prices for December

The board of LacPatrick has today (January 22), announced its base milk price for the month of December holding in Northern Ireland, but raising its base price in the Republic.

In the Republic of Ireland, the co-op has decided to increase base prices to 31.75c/L, up 0.75c/L plus a seasonal bonus of 1.5c/L.

Meanwhile, in Northern Ireland, the base price has been held at 26.5p/L. However, the processor has increased its winter bonus from 1p/L to 2p/L.

It follows a turbulent year for the LacPatrick. The processor had drawn the ire of supplier groups for cutting its October price on both sides of the border, as well as failing to pay an expected 3p/L bonus to farmers in Northern Ireland.

It’s understood the firm needed to make difficult decisions – such as reducing its price to suppliers – last year in a bid to stabilise the business.

Commenting on the latest news, LacPatrick chairman Andrew McConkey said: “We have always committed to our suppliers that we would return the maximum possible price from the market to them all the while running the business in a sustainable manner.”

Other Northern Ireland prices

With Dale Farm dropping by a penny for December, it puts LacPatrick second to Lakeland.

Northern Ireland suppliers of Lakeland Dairies will be paid 26.5p/L plus an out of season bonus of 3p/L for December milk supplies – totalling 29.5p/L.

While Dale Farm will pay its 1,300 suppliers a standard litre price of 25.7p/L for December’s milk plus a 2p/L seasonal bonus and a 0.3p/L loyalty bonus. The price plus bonuses tally up to 28p/L.