Land Rover has released the first pictures of it’s All-New Discovery model, which is a seven-seater SUV with a standard 2L diesel automatic engine.

Land Rover

New Land Rover Discovery Source: Land Rover

The new standard model boasts an eight-speed transmission with a top speed capability of 189km/h, while a more advanced model can reach speeds of just over 205km/h.

The new Discovery model, with it’s four-cylinder engine, can go from 0-100km/hr in just 10.5 seconds and is also capable of averaging 6.2L of fuel to 100km.

The new 2016 land rover discovery

Source: Land Rover

According to Land Rover, the design and engineering teams have revolutionised the All-New Discovery to create a highly desirable, extremely versatile and hugely capable premium SUV.

The new 2016 land rover discovery interior

Source: Land Rover

With a wheel base of just over 2.9m, the All-New Discovery can drive through floods up to 900mm deep, an increase of 200mm on the older model.

Meanwhile, the optional Wade Sensing technology can give the driver real-time information about the water’s depth in relation to the vehicle, as well as maximum wading capability via the touchscreen.

The Discovery has a towing capacity of up to 3,500kg, with available features including an electrically deployable tow bar, hitch and load assist.

The All-New Discovery is joined in the range by the original Discovery and a new Sport model.

There is a variety of wheel optional extras you can choose for the new SUV, with sizes ranging from 19-22 inches. While the alloys also come in silver, diamond turned, dark satin grey and gloss black.

The new 2016 land rover discovery

Source: Land Rover

Land Rover Defender Production Comes to a halt

Earlier this year,the production of one of the world’s most iconic jeeps ceased after 68 years.

The very last Land Rover Defender rolled off the production line at Jaguar Land Rover’s Solihull Lode Lane plant in January.

The modern Land Rover Defenders were in many ways virtually the same as the very first Land Rover launched in April 1948, modeled on the war-time Jeep.

It was understood that time had been called on the Defender due to tough new European Union emissions regulations.

On top of this, the jeep has struggled to keep pace with modern safety standards due to its ‘old-fashioned’ design.