Here is the latest anti-crime farm advice from the gardai.

What can farmers do to protect their tractors / property?

Don’t leave keys in ignition
Don’t hide spare keys in vehicle
Always leave vehicle locked and preferably in well lit area
When buying tractors in private sales it is not unreasonable to ask for identification of the seller and note the registration of their transport.
Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle.
Use theft prevention products like alarms, immobilisers, kill switches and fuel cut-off devices.
Property Marking will identify items as belonging to you.  This can be an effective deterrent.

Stolen Fuel

Farmers should take every precaution to put locks and / or an oil guard alarm on fuel tanks.
Delivery drivers should be careful to make sure they are satisfied that orders are from bona fides customers.
People should order only the amount of oil they need at any given time so as not to have a large excess in their tanks.
If fitting a new tank consider having a sunken tank (location permitting) or fitting the tank inside a secure building away from the farmhouse.

Protecting Farmyards

Restrict access to your yard.  Install gates and fix them to a sturdy concrete or metal post.  Keep them locked.
Fencing, hedges and walls should be robust, well maintained and checked regularly for breaches.
Consider installing an alarm in vulnerable areas.  An alarm will emit an audible warning and CCTV will provide surveillance on places out of view of the farmhouse.
Illuminate areas which are overlooked from the dwelling or covered by CCTV.
Store your tools and smaller machinery items in a building with enhanced security features close to the farmhouse.

What number should farmers ring to report a farm crime?

People should report to their local Garda Stations.  It’s always useful to keep the telephone number at hand.  In addition when calling to the station to report theft it is important to bring as much detail as possible.  Chassis numbers are particularly important.

Tips for farmers who are going on holidays to keep their farm safe while there away

Put tractors and other machinery into locked sheds (out of sight out of mind!).
If you have someone coming to tend your stock in your absence have them check on property and machinery also.

Cattle /Sheep Rustling

Cattle rustling is relatively rare but there has been a slight increase in recent years. Community spirit can be a very valuable tool with farmers being vigilant and looking out for each other.  In some cases perpetrators will try to integrate the stolen cattle into their own herds.  Also farmers should be vigilant buying cattle and ensuring documentation is filled out properly.

Take note of strange vehicles and so on, which can prove very beneficial in garda investigations.